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 :Of the wand & the Moon:3 
 Ah Cama-Sotz6 
 Arcarna Obscura4 
 Assemblage 232 
 Aurum Nostrum2 
 Beborn Beton4 
 Black Tape For A Blue Girl2 
 Blazing Eternity3 
 Bloody Dead and Sexy6 
 Brighter Death Now3 
 Carlos Peron Project les Salles1 
 Cinema Strange5 
 Coph Nia4 
 Corvus Corax4 
 Dance on Glass1 
 Days Of Fate3 
 Decoded Feedback4 
 Deine Lakaien4 
 Deutsch Nepal6 
 Diary of Dreams7 
 Disastrous Din3 
 Distorted Reality2 
 Down Below2 
 Dulce Liquido1 
 Dust of Basement3 
 Escape with Romeo7 
 Ever Eve4 
 Faith and the Muse3 
 Fetish 232 
 Fiddler's Green3 
 Fire + Ice3 
 Flowing Tears4 
 God Module4 
 God's Bow1 
 In Gowan Ring3 
 In Slaughter Natives5 
 In Strict Confidence7 
 Inkubus Sukkubus6 
 Invisible Limits1 
 Johannes Berthold1 
 La Floa Maldita1 
 Letzte Instanz3 
 Love is colder than Death6 
 Lux Interna3 
 Maria Solheim1 
 Needle Sharing2 
 Negative Format1 
 Neun Welten3 
 Nik Page2 
 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio5 
 Osiris Taurus1 
 Pink Turns Blue5 
 Placebo Effect2 
 Plastic Noise Experience4 
 Prager Handgriff4 
 Raison d'Étre5 
 Revolution by Night3 
 Saltatio Mortis5 
 Say Y2 
 Silent Assault1 
 Solitary Experiments7 
 Subway to Sally7 
 The 69 Eyes5 
 The Blue Season1 
 The Cold4 
 The Equinox ov the gods1 
 The Eternal Afflict5 
 The Fair Sex4 
 The Fiction1 
 The Gathering3 
 The Invincible Spirit2 
 The Klinik4 
 Theatres des Vampires3 
 This Morn' Omina6 
 Umbra et Imago9 
 Virgin Black1 
 VNV Nation7 
 Vomito Negro4 
 Wayne Hussey (The Mission)1